SG Coins or SGC, SGSC, SGGC is Soto Gregg Digital & Private Currency:

  • SG = Soto Gregg
  • SGC = Soto Gregg Coin
  • SGSC = Soto Gregg Silver Coin
  • SGGC = Soto Gregg Gold Coin

Want to know more about Gold & Silver SG Coins?
It’s a digital private currency created to be used only on this website.

SG Gold Coins

1 SG Gold Coin Award

  • 1.000.000 SGSC

SG Silver Coins

2 SG Silver Coin Awards

  • Daily visit the website
  • Author Rank

Details about how it works in this network:

  • Gold SG Coins can be used only by Premium Users.
  • Gold SG Coins’ loss can be avoided by being polite with other users.
  • Silver SG Coins’ loss can be avoided by being polite with other users.
  • Silver SG Coins are not at risk of loss when reaching Gold SG Coins.
  • Premium Award of (1) SGGC for those who reach (1.000.000) SGSC.
  • Registered users earn (5) Silver SG Coins when Daily Visiting and log in (unlimited)
  • When users reach (100) Silver SG Coins they reach Author Rank so they can make posts in the blog + (10) SGSC award.

Important Note:

  • Users must complete their profile information (also profile picture and cover) before start participating.
  • Moderators will be checking in this social network how users behave and taking action about it.
  • Not completed profiles will be deactivated by administrators at monthly maintenance.

About the author: Webmaster Soto Gregg

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